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A cross-industry group working on solutions to  improve connectivity and data exchange    between key equipment and systems deployed during well construction – regardless of the provider.

D-WIS is a group of industry professionals interested in data interoperability to enable the exchange of data and facilitation of drilling automation at the rig site and beyond.  To achieve this with the minimum amount of time and effort, we encourage all parties to use standard interfaces.  Working groups meet weekly to develop standard tools to connect and communicate between the rig owner, the operator, service companies and other qualified users.  This website serves as a repository for the work product from these groups.  You can follow the latest developments via our posts, uncover the most important publications to date, and access the recommended standards as they are released.  If you are interested, you can join this effort via one or more workstreams or just monitor the big picture via our newsletters.

Latest Blog Posts - DWIS Industry Group

DWIS Demonstration Planned for October 2024

A demonstration of the DWIS interoperability is planned for October 2024. It is planned to use several commercial ADCS systems with two different drilling simulators. Bridges between the DWIS infrastructure and the ADCS API will be developed therefore attempting to demonstrate that the DWIS infrastructure can be retrofitted in an existing rig installation without necessitating to upgrade the ADCS. Several

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CD Call April 4 2024

Present: John Macpherson (Organizer) Jan Kare Igland Carlos Hernandez Eric Cayeux Agenda: Explore ISA-88 update, BNF syntax for the ISA-88, expansion of symbols within this construct Presentation: available on GitHub, Working Document/2024 Working Document.pptx symbol expansion is in Working Document/ISA-88 Construct.xlxs Recording: Available on Google Drive Notes: Examine symbol expansion using relationship graphs Definition of RAP using BNF

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Latest news from the D-WIS Workstreams

Reference Architecture

ADCS Software Interface

Semantics of Realtime Drilling Signals

Use Case Coordination & Demos

Drilling Process Protection

Contextual Data

CD Call May 8, 2024

Agenda: Eric Cayeux presented on the Scheduler structure used in the 2023 D-WIS demo. Discussion on simularities with the ISA-88

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CD Call 25 April 2024

Agenda: Jan Kåre presented on Exebenus’ Pulse Digital Operating System, and in particular on the relationship to the D-WIS contextual

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