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The “Use Case Coordination” workstream develops demonstrations that show how interoperability between different computer systems from various vendors can be achieved at the rig site. 

The process is sequential and takes one use case at a time.  The first step will examine ROP Optimization.

The goal of this workstream is to test the concepts developed in the other work-streams on realistic use cases. By doing so, it will be possible to demonstrate how the proposed solution under construction addresses real life interoperability scenarios, to help the other work-streams to test their developed method and to ensure that the work performed in the different work-streams is aligned and can work together.

The use cases are grouped in four categories:

  1. Standard drilling procedures
  2. Assisted drilling
  3. Controller
  4. Autonomous Operation

Example Standard Drilling Procedure

  • ROP Optimization
  • Downlinking
  • Pump Startup
  • Pump Stop
  • Reciprocation
  • Friction Test
  • Top-drive Startup
  • Top-drive Stop
  • Tag bottom
  • Pull out one stand
  • Run in hole one stand
  • Run in hole one casing joint
  • XLOT
  • Cementing

Example Assisted Drilling

  • Fault Detection Isolation and recovery

    • Overpull/underpull
    • Over-torque
    • Over-pressure
    • Kick-detection
    • Motor stall
    • Pipe washout
    • Drill-string vibration (incl stick-slip)
  • Safe Operating Envelope

    • Axial velocity (swab/surge, limit of elastic response for overpull/underpull)
    • Rotational speed
    • Flowrate in (risk fracturing, formation washout, poor cuttings transport….)
    • Max torque limit

Example Controller

  • Stick-slip mitigation
  • Auto-driller

Example Autonomous Drilling

  • Autonomous drilling
  • Autonomous circulation
  • Autonomous tripping
  • Autonomous directional drilling

As papers are written and released they will be posted here.

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